Top 5 Must See Attractions In Las Vegas

Top 5 Must See Attractions In Las Vegas recreational

Are you planning to have a vacation or trip to Las Vegas? You’ve come to the right place, as we discuss the top 5 must see attractions in Las Vegas. People come to Las Vegas for a good time, and we think our list has some of the best recommendations for things to see in the area!

Number 1: Thrilling Rides

If you want to experience blood pumping adventures, then the various thrilling amusement rides around Vegas should be your first consideration. These are some of the most adrenaline inducing activities here in the city. One of the most notable places to experience these types of rides is the Adventuredome. Inside, you will have a chance to ride on a handful of roller coasters; The Slingshot Roller Coaster is the most popular of the rides and, as the name suggests, will give you a pretty big dose of excitement!

Other activities you may like include going for a bungee jump, which is offered both night and day. Bungee jumping during daytime can be scary enough; imagine the thrill of trying out this exhilarating activity during nighttime with all of the beautiful lights of the surrounding city.

The ziplines are also worth checking out if you’re not afraid of heights and high speeds! By the time you are done with the ziplines, you should be ready for the next activity on our list of the top 5 must see attractions in Las Vegas.

Top 5 Must See Attractions In Las Vegas
Top 5 Must See Attractions In Las Vegas

Number 2: Fremont Street

Near The Strip lies Fremont Street in Las Vegas, which is filled with all sorts of fun and random activities and attractions you can explore. This area is known for housing The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino and a hoard of other unique experiences awaiting every visitor. Here, you can watch a shark tank with a capacity of 200,000 gallons or even enjoy a thirty-foot water slide.

Fremont Street is also home to The Vegas Vic which is an iconic cowboy sign with the traditional Vegas style neon lights all over it. You might have even noticed this iconic sign in many movies shot in the city.

Las Vegas is not exactly known for hiding its flashiness. Because of Las Vegas’s reputation for being bright and loud, it’s only fitting you can visit the Viva Vision video screen. This is the largest video screen in the world, consisting of 12 million LED lights and stretching an impressive 90 feet.

The video screen is ideal for watching holiday-themed videos and even hosting events such as rock bands. The sheer magnitude of the screen is the main reason it’s one of the top 5 must see attractions in Las Vegas.

Number 3: The Strip

The Strip is home to some of the nicest and most impressive casinos. We recommend checking out the Fountains of the Bellagio, which have water shooting up to 450 feet into the air. The impressive display is nothing like you have seen before and is a must see for anyone who has yet to witness it.

The area has around 45 casinos to try out different games, which is a must for anyone with an affinity for gambling. Anyone who likes a game of chance or playing a couple hands of cards needs to visit one of the many casinos The Strip has to offer.

Number 4: The Neon Museum

Las Vegas is the home of neon signs, so it’s only appropriate that the city has a neon museum as one of the top 5 must see attractions in Las Vegas.  The Boneyard Museum has over 200 unique neon signs to check out. The museum is also great at showcasing the history of how Las Vegas has evolved over the years by using neon signs. It’s definitely a great place to absorb the rich culture and aesthetic of Las Vegas.

Number 5: Cannabis Dispensaries

Your fun-filled trip will not be complete if you do not visit a cannabis dispensary. We may be biased, but we think NuLeaf is the premier option to get your recreational and medical cannabis legally.

NuLeaf has a wide range of options in terms of cannabis strains and products, and is definitely in our top 5 must see attractions in Las Vegas! We will also help you understand more about the state laws on recreational cannabis to avoid getting into trouble.

Visit NuLeaf dispensary while in Vegas to see what more you can enjoy. 

What To Know About Cannabis In Las Vegas

What To Know About Cannabis In Las Vegas 3

We all know that Las Vegas is a place to have fun and forget about your troubles. After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?  What to know about cannabis in Las Vegas will be on the mind of most visitors and residents who partake in the recreational or medicinal use of cannabis. Since cannabis is now legal for recreational use in Las Vegas, many people want to get the most out of using it. So long as you are over 21 years old, you can purchase cannabis items easily and legally.

Even though it’s completely legal to purchase cannabis in Las Vegas, there are a few things any cannabis consumer should know. 

How Much Cannabis Can You Purchase In Las Vegas?

Just because cannabis is legal doesn’t mean you’re able to purchase it in large quantities. State law allows a single user to purchase one ounce of cannabis flower per day. 

As for concentrates, you can only purchase one-eighth of an ounce per day. Concentrates include shatter, oil, rosin, and wax. Edibles are in the same category of concentrates for this law.

What happens if you break the guidelines on Cannabis quantity? You could face a fine of up to $600, if you are a first-time offender. This is a pretty significant fine for a first time offense and can really ruin a trip to Las Vegas, so we recommend avoiding the possibility of the fine altogether. 

Where To Purchase Cannabis In Las Vegas

After learning that it’s legal to purchase recreational cannabis, your next step is probably figuring out where to buy some. Although there are many cannabis dispensaries in the Las Vegas area, NuLeaf Boutique Dispensary is the best resource to not only purchase cannabis, but also to learn what to know about cannabis in Las Vegas. 

In order to purchase cannabis for recreational purposes, you must provide a valid ID upon entering a dispensary. The cashiers serving you must verify that you are 21 years or older. Luckily, out of state licenses and passports are still accepted in dispensaries; as long as the dispensary is able to verify that your ID is valid and that you are 21 or older, you’ll be permitted inside the dispensary.

What To Know About Cannabis In Las Vegas 2
What To Know About Cannabis In Las Vegas 2

Can I carry cannabis in my car?

When it comes to what to know about cannabis in Las Vegas, knowing when and where to use your purchased products is extremely important. It’s legal for you to carry it in your car, however, you should not be smoking it before or while operating a vehicle. You’re also not legally permitted to carry more than the maximum purchase amount mentioned above.

cannabis can make you feel disoriented and can impact your reaction time. Never use cannabis before operating a vehicle or other heavy and dangerous machinery or equipment.

Las Vegas residents are legally allowed to smoke in their private residence. Remember not to “light up” while in public. This even means there is no use of cannabis while in public parks, casinos, or even hotels.

Looking for medical cannabis?

The legalization of recreational cannabis does not mean the end of medical cannabis. There are people who genuinely need medical cannabis to deal with severe medical conditions. NuLeaf dispensary is a great place to get your medication. You simply have to show us your medical card, and your recreational tax will be waived, you’ll also skip the line.

Visit NuLeaf Today

NuLeaf stands out to be a top company in providing you with the best cannabis products legally for medicinal and recreational use. We have a variety of cannabis products including edibles, concentrates, and premium cannabis buds cultivated in-house. It all comes down to what you enjoy. Our highly-trained staff will guide you through the process of getting the best cannabis product and how to properly consume it.

If you still have questions regarding what to know about cannabis in Las Vegas, we are always happy to help. Call or visit us today!

Your Budtender Can Help You

Your Budtender Can Help You 1

There’s nothing more satisfying than going to your local cannabis dispensary and having a friendly chat with seasoned budtenders. In fact, your budtender can help you pick your cannabis products. Whether you’re totally new to the scene or a veteran, you should have a go-to budtender to assist with your needs. budtenders can provide fantastic customer service with sensory expertise to learn about different strains. A budtender’s focus is educating prospective customers on everything they need to know about cannabis so they can make informed choices and be happy with their purchases. 

It’s completely fine to visit your local cannabis dispensary with no previous knowledge. There are plenty of opportunities to help you find the perfect product for your needs. In this article, we will talk about everything you ought to know to make you feel more secure discovering your ideal cannabis product and how your budtender can help you pick your cannabis products.

Need Recreational Cannabis? Your Budtender Can Help You Pick Your Cannabis Products

Do you intend to use cannabis for recreational purposes or as a potential medicine? Cannabis is divided into two classifications: hemp & cannabis. Apart from the degree of THC, there is not much difference between these two. Cannabis is high in THC, while hemp has practically none.

Hemp concentrates offer nutritional advantages, such as vitamins and minerals, but are not commonly used to treat any known diseases. Hemp has a high CBD or cannabidiol content, which consumers report can offer health benefits to people suffering from mental illnesses, skin conditions, and cardiac diseases. On the other hand, cannabis is known anecdotally to have some medical benefits. However, it is banned in most states and countries because of its high level of THC. THC is a euphoric cannabinoid which makes it a very popular recreational substance.

You can enjoy cannabis products in several interesting ways; pipes, water pipes, and papers commonly used to roll cannabis into a “joint.” Do not hesitate to speak with your go-to budtender at your local cannabis dispensary if you are fairly new to the cannabis scene. They will recommend simple cannabis usage methods and even help you buy the equipment you need. However, you also have the option of buying drinks, edibles, sweets, breath mints, and even oils if you’re interested in other types of cannabis products.

Your Budtender Can Help You 2
Your Budtender Can Help You 2

Your Budtender Can Help You Pick Your Cannabis Products In Las Vegas

Do you want to use cannabis discreetly? Don’t worry, that’s perfectly fine! Most people, especially those who are particularly new to the recreational cannabis scene, stay discreet about their use of cannabis products to a certain extent. Recreational cannabis use is very popular in Las Vegas, but, understandably, some people prefer to keep their cannabis use concealed from their friends and family. 

If you visit us, the type of product we recommend will depend on your preferred consumption method. For example, you might want to find a more discreet way of using cannabis if people close to you have complained about the smell. Your experienced budtenders have an understanding of these situations, so there is a great deal of opportunity to find the perfect discreet product for you if you let us know about your exact needs. It could be in the form of a small oil pen, capsules, or consumable without too much attention. 

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes significantly affects your body and mind. There is, therefore, a great deal of consideration when considering trying cannabis products. This is why it’s important to dispensaries that your budtender can help pick your cannabis products.