Cannabis vs. Coffee

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Cannabis vs. Coffee

There has been a debate about cannabis vs. coffee because both have similarities that range from their ability to keep one awake to the health benefits one could get from them. If you are reading this right now, perhaps you are also curious which is better. And at NuLeaf Las Vegas Dispensary you can find the best coffee-infused products along with coffee alternatives with cannabis. 

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But seriously… Cannabis vs. Coffee?

In this section, we are going to look into the health benefits of cannabis and coffee.



Cannabis has been in the world since thousands of years ago and, although it is known for being a plant that gets a person high, it has several health benefits, which make it a medicinal plant as well.

In general, cannabis has hundreds of cannabinoids, two of which are making their names in the field of medicine: THC and CBD. Although those two aren’t the only ones at work, they are the most prominent cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis.

Between THC and CBD, CBD is safer to consume as it does not have any psychoactive component that can alter one’s mental stability. It is high in anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in calming the body.

On the other hand, although it has a bad reputation, THC has also proven to have the capacity to treat several health problems that are the same as with CBD, like pain, eating disorders, and cancer.

Cannabis products that are high in CBD target serotonin, which results to a balanced emotional state, while the ones that have an abundance of THC increase one’s dopamine levels, resulting in a more active system.

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Compared to cannabis, most people prefer coffee to start their morning with. Coffee is a stimulant, which means it is great to feel energetic. It is also said to be effective in keeping your brain healthy due to its caffeine content.

In addition, coffee has antioxidant properties, which are good to remove toxins from your body and to prevent metabolic syndrome. 

Moreover, according to a study in 2015, coffee can make one’s DNA stronger. And although a lot of dentists advise their patients not to drink coffee as it leaves yellow stains on teeth, it was discovered that coffee is good for dental health.

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Cannabis vs. Coffee: Which is Better?

It is better if we become specific and we categorize the judgments into different aspects as cannabis and coffee are different, and their advantages and disadvantages differ depending on what we are talking about.

Health Benefits

Coffee has health benefits that cannabis is also capable of providing, like keeping the brain and heart healthy, calming the body, keeping you stay awake, and improving mental illnesses. Nonetheless, between the two, cannabis is still more powerful.

You can use cannabis to soothe skin problems, acne for instance, which is something that coffee can’t do. In fact, it can even make acne worse!


Marijuana costs more or less $7—per gram! Compared to a Starbucks coffee that costs around $4, marijuana is more expensive. Hence, coffee wins!


Cannabis is legal only in selected states. That said, in terms of availability, coffee has the upper hand. You can buy coffee anywhere as it is being sold anywhere. You can even drink it in front of authorities and they would not even budge.

You can even bring your cup of coffee with you while you travel to different states, and no one would even care. And that is something that you will not be able to do with cannabis. Bring cannabis to Mississippi and prepare to be put behind bars.