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Product Satisfaction Promise

NuLeaf dispensaries proudly grant store credits in all our locations for defective products or quality issues within 45 days of purchase. Store credit requests will only be processed at the location in which the product was purchased. Approved store credit may be used on the same day or applied to a future transaction up to but not exceeding 45 days from the moment of purchase. Cash or debit card refunds are not provided at this time.

A defective product and quality issue are defined as a possibly recalled or expired product, improperly dried, or containing mold, mites, or foreign objects, as well as dispatched product with improper weight. Accessories exhibiting manufacturing defects, delivered in damaged packaging, or exhibiting electrical failure are also covered under this policy. Customers claiming to be dissatisfied due to personal preferences are not covered under the return policy.

  • Bring the product back to the dispensary in which it was purchased.
  • Have your original purchase receipt on hand.
  • Make sure to have the original packaging and labels.
  • Credit can be used on the day of the claim or at a later date, within 45 days from purchase.
  • Per state requirements, we are not allowed to dispatch products for free, regardless of their condition. For this reason, we will discount the full cost of the damaged product, minus $.01. If you choose a more expensive item as a replacement, you are responsible for the price difference.