Dispensary FAQs

We get a lot of dispensary FAQs from our customers, so we put together a list of these common questions and answers about cannabis dispensaries. If you have any questions that are not on this list, give us a call today!

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, there is a $2.95 fee for the transaction and it will resemble an atm withdrawal on your bank statement.

When placing an order from a site other than Nuleafnv.com, make sure your phone number is listed in your profile. Often a screen name and email address is listed but nothing else, be sure to list your most up to date contact information when placing a delivery order.

Yes. Your passport or any state issued license or identification card is acceptable.

The VIP program allows for our local and frequent visitors to earn points and receive discounts everyday! VIPs are the first to know about any specials and additional discounts offered in the store. 
If you receive a text message and would like to opt-out simply, respond STOP. 
 Type Nuleaf and send to 411669
It is against federal law to transport THC across state lines, although it may be legal to possess said THC products in the state you are travelling to, depending on their cannabis laws.
All CBD products can legally be carried. 

Lake Tahoe:
877 Tahoe Blvd., Incline Village, NV. We are on the South side of the road, directly across from the Christmas Tree Village, at the crosswalk sign.

Las Vegas:
430 E Twain Ave,
Las Vegas, NV 89169Close to the airport and The Strip

You will need your medical recommendation to sign up and shop as a medical patient. If you are 21 or older and do not wish to shop as a medical patient, all that is required is a valid and current government issued ID. If you are visiting from a foreign country, please bring your passport as identification.

You need to be 21+ to shop with a valid government issued photo ID. If you are a medical patient, you will also need your recommendation.

The state requires that customers have a valid and current government issued photo ID in their possession while in the building. The ID scanner is used solely as a validation tool for us to ensure your date of birth, that it is valid and not expired. The system does not upload the information to any outside source, and all information is automatically deleted after 60 days.

We accept cash and debit cards at the point of sale. We also have an ATM machine in our lobby. We do not accept credit.

Your statement will have an ambiguous title linked to our ATM service. It will not list anything identifying the transaction as being from a dispensary.

Currently you are only permitted by the state to consume THC within a private residence. There are currently no public lounges where we may consume THC in NV. You may be subject to a DUI charge if you are pulled over while driving and suspected of being under the influence of THC.

a. We carry an array of CBD products including tinctures (oil), topicals, edibles and vapes.

All products containing THC must be produced and sold in NV by a state-licensed manufacturer.

Yes, we have a great locals VIP program, make sure to ask your budtender to sign up on your next visit. We also offer a 20% off military discount. See your budtender for details on discounts!

Yes. The state does not require medical patients to pay the 10% recreational sales tax. All customers are subject to the state’s 8.27% sales tax.

Check out our menu here.

You must order your curbside pickup prior to arriving. Curbside pickup is located at the back of the building in the parking spaces closest to the store, marked with a “Curbside” sign. A budtender will meet you at your vehicle, you must have your ID available, and minors may not be present.