Cannabis and Allergy Relief

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Cannabis and Allergy Relief

Cannabis and allergy relief are connected as cannabinoids can work as antihistamine, corticosteroid, and decongestant all in one, and that is a great combination for allergies.

Dealing with allergies is difficult considering the redness, itchiness, sneezing, and rashes, among others, that are associated with it. It can interrupt your day and can stop you from being your usual productive self! NuLeaf Las Vegas Dispensary has some top selection when it comes to allergy relief!

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Cannabis and Allergy Relief: How Capable is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant whose legality remains controversial until now. Cannabis has existed for thousands of years and it was first used to make textiles and ropes before it entered the field of medicine.

The health benefits of cannabis are not to be underestimated as medical studies have recently shown the budding promise of cannabis as a medicine.  

Historical records show that it has been used for medical purposes since it was discovered thousands of years ago.

Cannabis can be hemp or marijuana, and it depends on the amount of THC involved. In addition, cannabis has three main strains, which are cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis.

Between hemp and marijuana, marijuana has more medicinal components. Hemp is rich in protein, fatty acids, zinc, and vitamins, but it is mostly used to boost the nutritional benefits of food. Hemp can also be used to make plastics, paper, and textiles.


Allergy and What Causes It

Allergies are common and are not a serious condition as they usually go away by themselves. They are our body’s way of protecting us from outside factors called allergens that are not actually harmful to humans but are seen as substances that can put us in danger by our immune system.

Allergies don’t happen the second we come in contact with an allergen. Symptoms may occur a few days or even weeks after. Among the most common allergens include:

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Peanuts
  • Fish
  • Pollen

Generally, allergic reactions don’t cause one to die. But there is this condition called Anaphylaxis, which is a serious allergic reaction that can be life-threatening. It roots from the overreaction of the immune system toward allergens.

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How Cannabis Relieves Allergy

The endocannabinoid system has endocannabinoid receptors, which can be found in our nervous system and our immune system. As allergies are connected to our immune system, cannabinoids from cannabis will work with the receptors to strengthen both our brain and our immunity.

Our immune system, specifically, works with our white blood cells. White blood cells can be phagocytes or lymphocytes. Phagocytes and lymphocytes protect our body from allergens and make it immune to them, respectively.

But apart from helping our immune system to function well, cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve some symptoms associated with allergies, like runny nose, itchiness, swelling, dry skin, cough, and vomiting.

In addition, it is said to be effective in controlling histamines, which are a compound that triggers our body to experience those symptoms.

Compared to other over-the-counter medications for allergies, cannabis is a one-time treatment for all. That is, decongestants only work for nasal and sinus congestion, but they can’t work with histamines, so you still have to buy and take antihistamines.

Moreover, both decongestants and antihistamines don’t particularly treat inflammation, so alongside both, you would still need to acquire corticosteroids—and that’s inconvenient and too much for the body.


Can You Be Allergic to Cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant, and plants have pollen. Pollen is one of the most common allergens, so although many people find cannabis is good for allergies, it is not for everyone.

The easiest way to know if you are indeed allergic to cannabis is to try it yourself and watch how your body reacts. Symptoms are the same. If you find yourself dealing with a runny nose and watery eyes, and developing skin problems, then that’s a sign.

But if you already know that you are allergic to pollen, you don’t have to go through that process as the possibility that you are allergic to cannabis is already high.

Cannabis vs. Coffee

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Cannabis vs. Coffee

There has been a debate about cannabis vs. coffee because both have similarities that range from their ability to keep one awake to the health benefits one could get from them. If you are reading this right now, perhaps you are also curious which is better. And at NuLeaf Las Vegas Dispensary you can find the best coffee-infused products along with coffee alternatives with cannabis. 

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But seriously… Cannabis vs. Coffee?

In this section, we are going to look into the health benefits of cannabis and coffee.



Cannabis has been in the world since thousands of years ago and, although it is known for being a plant that gets a person high, it has several health benefits, which make it a medicinal plant as well.

In general, cannabis has hundreds of cannabinoids, two of which are making their names in the field of medicine: THC and CBD. Although those two aren’t the only ones at work, they are the most prominent cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis.

Between THC and CBD, CBD is safer to consume as it does not have any psychoactive component that can alter one’s mental stability. It is high in anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in calming the body.

On the other hand, although it has a bad reputation, THC has also proven to have the capacity to treat several health problems that are the same as with CBD, like pain, eating disorders, and cancer.

Cannabis products that are high in CBD target serotonin, which results to a balanced emotional state, while the ones that have an abundance of THC increase one’s dopamine levels, resulting in a more active system.

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Compared to cannabis, most people prefer coffee to start their morning with. Coffee is a stimulant, which means it is great to feel energetic. It is also said to be effective in keeping your brain healthy due to its caffeine content.

In addition, coffee has antioxidant properties, which are good to remove toxins from your body and to prevent metabolic syndrome. 

Moreover, according to a study in 2015, coffee can make one’s DNA stronger. And although a lot of dentists advise their patients not to drink coffee as it leaves yellow stains on teeth, it was discovered that coffee is good for dental health.

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Cannabis vs. Coffee: Which is Better?

It is better if we become specific and we categorize the judgments into different aspects as cannabis and coffee are different, and their advantages and disadvantages differ depending on what we are talking about.

Health Benefits

Coffee has health benefits that cannabis is also capable of providing, like keeping the brain and heart healthy, calming the body, keeping you stay awake, and improving mental illnesses. Nonetheless, between the two, cannabis is still more powerful.

You can use cannabis to soothe skin problems, acne for instance, which is something that coffee can’t do. In fact, it can even make acne worse!


Marijuana costs more or less $7—per gram! Compared to a Starbucks coffee that costs around $4, marijuana is more expensive. Hence, coffee wins!


Cannabis is legal only in selected states. That said, in terms of availability, coffee has the upper hand. You can buy coffee anywhere as it is being sold anywhere. You can even drink it in front of authorities and they would not even budge.

You can even bring your cup of coffee with you while you travel to different states, and no one would even care. And that is something that you will not be able to do with cannabis. Bring cannabis to Mississippi and prepare to be put behind bars.

Cannabis May Help You Stay Active

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Cannabis May Help You Stay Active

You don’t have to force yourself to be productive when you are so lazy to move because that will not do you any good. Cannabis may help you stay active, and that’s backed with science, so why not try it? Come down to NuLeaf Las Vegas Dispensary and we’ll direct you to the best products to keep you active! 

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How Cannabis May Help You Stay Active

Before we answer your question, it is important to know what cannabis is.


What is Cannabis?

Mary Jane, marijuana, pot, hemp, and weed⁠—these are just among the other names for cannabis. Cannabis is a plant that has been in the world since the 500 B.C. It was first used to make textiles and ropes and as a medicine for a number of illnesses.

Cannabis has two species: hemp and marijuana. There’s not much of a difference between the two apart from the THC level each contains. Marijuana is high in THC while hemp has low or none at all.

Hemp has nutritional benefits, but it is not used as a treatment for diseases. Nonetheless, hemp has high CBD content, which is a medicinal cannabinoid that has proven to be effective in several health conditions like mental illnesses, skin diseases, and heart diseases, among others.

Marijuana, on the other hand, has medicinal capacity. However, due to its high THC level, it is prohibited in most states and countries. THC is a cannabinoid that makes marijuana possible for recreational use. It is euphoric.

In addition, cannabis has three basic strains: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis plants are not categorized according to their THC or CBD level, but with the physical characteristics.

Cannabis sativa has fine leaves and can grow up to 20 feet. Cannabis indica, on the other hand, can only reach a maximum height of 6 feet, making it good indoors. Cannabis ruderalis, lastly, is basically composed of hybrids.


Cannabis and How It Can Help You Stay Active

Hemp is not the right plant to use in this case as it is high in CBD, and CBD is more on calming the body. Your goal is to stay active and awake for you to be able to do the tasks that you have to accomplish within the day, so you need more THC.

It has been said that marijuana has an abundance of THC, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid that will apparently play a key role in making you stay active. But it’s important to note that marijuana still has CBD, but not too much that it can override THC’s effects.

The endocannabinoid system, which is what all the natural cannabinoids work with, has two endocannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2. Those endocannabinoid receptors can be found in the nervous system and the immune system, respectively.

That said, if marijuana is consumed or smoked, THC and other cannabinoids will bind with the receptors and will transport to different parts of the body, including the brain, and that’s where the euphoria begins.

Just don’t forget to be smart when it comes to your marijuana use. You have to be active and not mentally incapacitated!

There are many ways to add marijuana to your routine, but perhaps the most common one is through smoking/vaping. Using marijuana for recreational purposes is legal in most states, such as in Nevada and in California.

Be mindful of the marijuana laws within your location so as to avoid dealing with the honorable judges that can put you in jail with one word: Guilty!


Other Ways to Consume Cannabis

If you are not a smoker and want to consume cannabis in a much healthier or delightful way, here are 3 other ways to consume cannabis.


If you prefer a quicker way to add marijuana to your body, then capsule it is! But don’t expect that the effect will occur in a matter of poof! This is perfect for people who want to control their intake as the dosage is already specified.

Cooking Recipes

There are numerous recipes out there that have marijuana as one of the ingredients, and there’s no harm in trying even one of those recipes for yourself! This is a great way to consume cannabis as there are other tastes apart from the leaves’.

Marijuana Edibles

Don’t know how to cook but want to consume maijuana in a tastier way? Then marijuana edibles are a fantastic choice for you! Marijuana edibles can be in the form of brownies, candies, treats, snacks, and cookies, among others.


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Even though a mere deep sigh of relief is enough after a week of stress, everyone should at least level up their game and pamper themselves while keeping their body healthy, and that is possible with a DIY CBD spa! And at NuLeaf Las Vegas Dispensary we have all the products you need. 

One of the activities most people do after doing intense work is going to the spa. Although this is most common among women, some men also like the benefits that they are getting from this recreational activity.

Nonetheless, most of the spas today offer the same services to the customers, which include massages, a relaxing environment, body treatments, facial treatments, and hair treatments, and give results that are only temporary.


What Can You Get From DIY CBD Spa?

You might be wondering right now: “Why CBD spa when it can be peppermint spa, or lavender spa, or tea tree spa?”

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis plants that is found to be rich in anti-inflammatory properties, which play a major role in its medicinal capacity. It is extracted mostly from hemp, which is a plant relative of marijuana that has 0.3% THC or less.

THC is a major cannabinoid that is psychoactive: It makes a person high. Given that, you should make sure that the CBD product you are buying was from hemp. Otherwise, be ready to lose your cool.

With that being said, if CBD is added to the destressing routine, the benefits that the body would get are more than just relief and calmness as it also helps the body to be stronger and to be resistant to several health conditions that it can possibly acquire if CBD is nonexistent!

For instance, if you soak yourself into it, it can make your skin healthy and your acne controlled. If you take it orally, on the other hand, your endocannabinoid receptors would be more active, resulting in a healthier brain and immune system.


DIY CBD Spa: How?

CBD comes in a lot of forms, but there’s no need for you to have all of them as you can maximize the use of the CBD products that you currently have or that you can afford. Among the CBD products that you can find in the market include oil, tinctures, topicals, lotions, capsules, and edibles.

But if you haven’t yet acquired one and are thinking about which product to buy, I advise you choose CBD oil as it is versatile. You can take it orally or rub it on your body.

So, how can you associate CBD to your DIY spa?


CBD Massage

If there’s one thing that can never be out of the picture when you think of spa, that would be the massage.

Massage is proven to be a great stress reliever as it alleviates muscle tension and soreness. CBD, likewise, is good in pain management and inflammation. Given that, if you associate CBD with the massage, the result would be much quicker and your body would be better in no time!

There was a study back in 2015 that can prove that CBD can help pain and inflammation to go away even when it is applied topically instead of orally. In fact, topical CBD is a much better option if you don’t want to deal with its side effects.

It is possible for you to be your own massage therapist, but that would be difficult, especially if you want a whole-body massage. That said, it would be better if you do this with someone, be it your friend, your family, or your significant other.


CBD Hair Treatment

It happens, sometimes, that your hair just seems to be cooperating with the stress you are having by being frizzy and dry, and it ruins your day! But that should not be an issue anymore as you can actually prevent that from happening again with a CBD hair treatment!

CBD hair products are a thing now, and that’s not because it’s new, but because CBD is really effective in making your hair healthier!

CBD is rich in protein, which is an ingredient that you can find in shampoos and conditioners. Protein is good for encouraging your body to produce more collagen and elastin, which are both essential to stronger and thicker hair.

CBD Facial Treatment


A lot of skin problems root from stress, which is why it is also important to take care of your skin and make sure to give it the products that it needs! Most skin care products are full of harsh chemicals and will have you deal with side effects, but the case is different with CBD!

Several experts have studied the effects of CBD on skin and found that, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help wounds to heal much faster, moisturize dry skin, treat eczema and dermatitis, control the sebum production to manage acne, and the list goes on.

As a result, many companies are now adding CBD to their skin care products and more spas are associating CBD to their facial treatments, so why not try it for yourself and see the wonders of CBD?